About Us

The Columbia Institute fosters individual and organizational leadership for inclusive, sustainable communities. This work is rooted in our belief that communities who value social justice, the environment, and their local economy are healthier, happier places to live. We help build capacity in communities through lifelong learning scholarships and key partnerships. We also nurture strong local leadership, and support community leaders with cutting-edge research on emerging issues through our Centre for Civic Governance. The Institute works with shareholders and investment decision makers on research and education for responsible investing, in partnership with the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE). The Columbia Institute is a national charitable organization established by Working Enterprises.

Living Wage Employer

The Columbia Institute is a certified Living Wage Employer. The living wage calls on employers to meet a higher standard for both their direct staff and major contractors– it is calculated regionally, and reflects what people need to support their families based on the actual costs of living.

Carbon Neutral

The Columbia Institute is a Climate Smart certified Carbon Neutral organization.

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