Charley Beresford

Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Columbia Institute, Charley attended the UNFCCC climate discussions in Copenhagen (2009) and Paris (2015) and regularly contributes research and analysis on sustainability issues and emerging public policy issues. Under her stewardship, the Institute has developed four research streams – green economy, public finance, local economy and governance – helping shape the public discussion and related actions around these issues. The Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance has created an annual setting for locally elected leaders to explore policy solutions for challenges in their communities.

From 1996 to 2008, Charley served as a School Board Trustee in B.C.’s capital city of Victoria. As a Trustee, she successfully campaigned to save provincially-funded Inner City School Funds and led the development of a groundbreaking anti-homophobia action plan and anti-discrimination policy. Prior to joining the Institute, Charley worked with public and private sector organizations focused on community development, serving four years as a Director in the BC Ministry of Finance overseeing appointments to provincial agencies, boards and commissions. Charley writes regularly on public policy solutions across Canada and provides frequent commentary for media.

Contact Charley via email at email or telephone at 604-695-2034.


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