2012 Book Launch: Nature of Leadership

The Nature of Leadership is the Third Volume in the Innovative Strategies Leadership Series for locally elected leaders.  Inspired by conversations at our Centre for Civic Governance forums, this handbook is intended as a resource for your own innovative and inspiring work.  

2012 Green Jobs BC Conference: Good Jobs for a Green Future

The conference will bring together 200-300 British Columbians from across the Labour and Environmental movements, as well business, First Nations, community, government, and other sectors interested in building a strong green economy. Through a combination of panel discussions, educational seminars, and plenary speakers, participants will deepen their understanding of the issues, and be part of mapping out a green jobs plan for the province.

2012 Future is Local: BC Governance Forum

To view the final program, click here

2011 Workshop: Successful Practices in First Nations Education

Based on the Tyee Solutions Society series, by Katie Hyslop First Nations educators are offering inspiration and hope to a new generation of learners. Join us for an afternoon of presentations and discussion about K-12 programs that go beyond usual practice. Educators from Chief Atahm School on the Adams Lake Reserve and the school districts of Haida Gwaii and Vancouver BC share successful stories from these very different communities. Click here to register  

2011 Book Launch - Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally-Elected Leaders

Join Dr. William Rees, Dr. Ryan Walker, and other contributors to the 5th volume in the Going for Green Leadership Handbook Series, Resiliency: Cool Ideas for Locally-Elected Leaders. Inspired by conversations at the Center for Civic Governance forums, Resiliency highlights the bold and creative ways in which leaders and communities are responding to the major environmental challenges of our time. Dr. William Rees is the originator of the ecological footprint concept.


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