Good Jobs, Clean Skies

SINCE THE FIRST ARRIVAL of Canadian Pacific and Great Northern trains, Metro Vancouver has been built up by strategic transportation investment. Our valuable location on the Pacific and the Fraser is supported by great sea and air ports that rely on efficient movement of goods and people to do their work. Better transportation is needed by all economic sectors and every type of worker. And the good news is these are green jobs. Transit occupies a sweet spot for creating good jobs that reduce our environmental footprint. They are a classic green jobs generator.

Who's Picking Up the Tab? Federal and Provincial Downloading Onto Local Governments

Who’s Picking Up the Tab? investigates the scale and scope of downloading onto local governments from federal and provincial governments, using B.C. as a case study.

Getting the Majority to Vote: Practical Solutions to Re-engage Citizens in Local Elections

Across BC voting is decreasing in all levels of elections—federal, provincial and municipal. Voter turnout in federal and provincial elections is now below 60 per cent, but more dramatically we are seeing many municipal elections in which only

SHARE releases 2013 Key Proxy Vote

Find all the details and download a copy at

Made-In-BC Ferries: The economic benefits of local ship procurement

Institutional procurement is a powerful, and often underutilized, economic development strategy that can positively impact “value added” economic sectors. How and where procurement dollars are spent can have important economic effects.


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