Investor Brief: Promoting Financial Inclusion in Canada’s Financial Services Sector

Financial exclusion and the growth of alternative financial institutions can partially be attributed to the lack of appropriate and affordable financial products and services that meet the unique financial needs of low-income and other financially underserved groups .

Report: B.C. Municipalities want Province to modernize mining regulations

Find the full release on Municipal InfoNet. October 1, 2013 Report: B.C. Municipalities want Province to modernize mining regulations B.C.'s mining legislation, drafted in the mid-1800's, is creating significant challenges for local governments, says a new recent study by the Columbia Institute and the Sierra Club of BC.

Multi-Material BC and Local Governments: Will the New Industry-run Recycling System Cause Backsliding?

Local governments have led the way on recycling in BC, and most support the principles of expanded recycling, zero waste, reduced packaging and producers bearing responsibility for the full life-cycle of their products. However, many are clearly concerned about the structure and implementation of BC’s new recycling system, and whether it will effectively move towards these goals and respect the experience and investments of municipalities and offer them a fair deal.

The Power of Purchasing – The Economic Impacts of Local Procurement

Procurement by private and public sector institutions is a major force in the economy. In BC, local governments and school districts alone spend more than $6.7 billion annually on procurement. How – and where – procurement dollars are spent can have important economic, employment, social, and environmental impacts. READ MORE

This Green House: Building Fast Action for Climate Change and Green Jobs

"This Green House" reveals that modest investments in energy conservation in homes will allow homeowners to save money and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada.


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